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Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation Alexander bodied B10Ms (2 pages)

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Open top B10Ms in Paris (1 page)

Hong Kong
Citybus Van Hool bodied Volvo B10Ms (2 pages)
Citybus Van Hool bodied Volvo B10M promoting Sony Digital Home Theatre (1 page)
Citybus Xian Silver bodied B10Ms (3 pages)
Eternal East Ex-Citybus B10Ms (1 page)
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China Travel Service Ex-Citybus B10Ms
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Mass Transit Railway Corporation B10Ms (3 pages)
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Hato Bus B10Ms
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Volvo B10M in Russia
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Delta Automotive Volvo B10M (1 page)
Singapore Bus Services Volvo B10M double deck (1 page)

Singapore Bus Services B10M-61 Mk IIs
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Singapore Bus Services B10M-61 Mk IIIs (31 pages)
Singapore Bus Services Duple Metsec bodied B10M-60 Intercooled (12 pages)
Singapore Bus Services Alexander Strider bodied B10M-60 Intercooled in Batch 1 (11 pages)
Singapore Bus Services Alexander Strider bodied B10M-60 Intercooled in Batch 2 (10 pages)
Singapore Bus Services  / SBS Transit DM3500 bodied B10M-60 Intercooled (16 pages)
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South Africa
Megacoach B10Ms
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Autocares Barcelona Noge bodied Volvo B10Ms (1 page)
Sarbus Hispano VOVII bodied Volvo B10Ms
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TUS Hispano VOVII bodied Volvo B10Ms
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Dubai Public Transport B10Ms (1 page)

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Amport and District Volvo B10M
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B10M double deckers in United Kingdom (1 page)

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The Volvo B10M was developed in 1979. Its engine is located between the two axles. After the first B10M went to Singapore Bus Services in 1984, the operator has endorsed orders for more than 1000 air-conditioned and non-airconidtioned buses.

200 B10M-61 Mk II buses were bought in 1988. Half of them received Alexander PS Type bodies. The remaining buses received Duple Metsec bodies.

SBS endorsed a further order of 300 B10M-61 Mk III in 1992. These air-conditioned buses received Duple Metsec bodies and Sutrak AC35-T or Fuji BCU-50 roof mounted units.

After that, more than 300 B10M-60 intercooled buses were ordered. They have started service since 1995. The body suppliers are Alexander and Duple Metsec.

In 1995, 15 Northern Counties bodied B10Ms joined the bus division of KCRC. They were 11m long buses with Sutrak rooftop units (B40F+48).

Citybus also bought 10 Van Hool bodied B10M coaches in early 1990s. In 1997, a further two buses with Saffle design and  Xian Silver bodywork were purchased. These two buses are different from the other buses by left hand drive, one exit in the middle at each side, and the presence of toilet. They are usually deployed to Ocean Park routes and morning residential routes. Among the buses, 1266-70 have been sold to China Travel Service, while 1276 and 1277 to Eternal East Bus.

Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation endorsed an order for 50 Volvo B10M in June 2000. 15% of the cost was from down payment, 42.5% from grant and another 42.5% from a 6.37% per annum loan for 10 years. The cost of each bus was about HK$ 1,311,300. These buses are much more expensive than the HK$520,000 Ashok Leyland Titans. They have become the most expensive public transport machines in Dhaka. The first 18 buses were assembled in Gazipur Workshop while the rest were built in Joydevpur Workshop. The first 10 buses entered service in Dhaka on 1 March 2002 and operated in the Mirpur-Motijheel route. Commuters and the company praised the vehicles very much. However, private buses operators along the route feared that the good service would affect their business. They vandalised and damaged 9 of these buses in the first 10 days of March. By July 2002, all 50 buses have entered service.

BRTC thought that these buses worth buying, because the economic design, increased passenger capacity and reliablilty generate more revenue. Speedier buses also alleviated the traffic congestion problem in Dhaka.

These buses are of 3+2 layout. Each of them carries 120 seated passengers and 40 standees.

Specification (Xian Silver bodied B10Ms):
Chassis type: B10M-62
Length (mm): 12000
Width (mm): 2500
Height (mm): 3500
Weight unladed (kg): 12,500
Gross vehicle weight (kg): 16,000
Wheelbase (mm): 6200
Body make: Xian Silver Bus Corporation
Window type: fixed
Window make: Luoyang
Engine type: Volvo D10A285
Engine position: middle horizontal
Engine capacity: 9.6 litres
Engine power (kW at r.p.m.): 210 at 2000
Passenger capacity: C47Dt

Specification (SBS B10M Mk IIs):
Chassis type: B10M Mk II
Length (mm): 12000
Width (mm): 2500
Height (mm): 3100
Gross vehicle weight (kg): 17000kg
Body: Walter Alexander PS / Duple Metsec
Engine type: Volvo THD101 GC turbocharged
Engine position: middle horizontal
Engine capacity: 9.6 litres
Passenger capacity: B51D+38
Total capacity: 89


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