Volkswagon AG

The famous German car manufacturer Volkswagon started work on trucks in 1949. In 1975, the LT light weight truck range was introduced. However, full size buses are not produced in Germany.

In 1980's, Volkswagon started to produce trucks in Brazil. By early 1990's, they started to produce front-engined buses. In 2003, they introduced the first rear-engined bus model - 17.240 OT. In 2004, 8.150 EOD, 9.150 EOD, 15.180 EOD, 17.210 EOD, 17.260 EOD and 17.260 EOT were introduced.

In Hong Kong, Volkswagon buses in service are confined to 10 to 16-seat LT35 / LT46 buses from Germany.

Volksbus 17.240 OT

Volksbus 17.260 EOT

Volksbus 18.310 OT

Volkswagon LT-35

Volkswagon LT-46

Volkswagon Transporter T4

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