Irisbus is the merger of the bus and coach business of Renault VI and Iveco S.p.A. on 1 January 1999. It consists of six brand names, namely Herliez, Ikarus, Iveco, Karosa, Orlandi, and Renault. Since then, the same type of buses, like Renault Agora and Iveco Turbodaily, are rationalised and manufactured under different brand names.

The name Irisbus bears the meaning of "Iveco Renault IS BUS" and the dolphin symbol represents swiftness, humanity, intelligence, respect for people and the environment as described in their company brochure.

Subsidiary companies:
Ikarus Karosszeria
Iveco Societa per Azioni
Karosa a.s.
Renault Vehicules Industriels

Bus models:
Irisbus Civis

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