Daewoo Bus Corporation

The history of Daewoo bus can be dated back to February 1955, when Shin Jin Industry Limited was established to produce motor vehicles. In 1972, General Motors established a joint venture with Shin Jin. In 1976, the company was renamed Shehan motor Company Limited. 2 years later, Daewoo Industrial Company Limited started to take part in management. In 1983, the company was again renamed Daewoo Motor Company Limited. In 1998, the company took over Ssangyong Motor, a automobile manufacturer which suffered financial difficulties at that time. In 2002, Daewoo Bus Corporation was established.

The bus production history of Daewoo started in February 1982, when the front-engined city bus BF105 was introduced. In October 1984, it's first rear-engined bus - BH115 express bus turned up. In 1986, the first rear-engined city bus BS105 entered service. In 2002, they started to develop their super low floor city bus for Seoul - BS120CN.

Daewoo BH115E (Hong Kong)

Daewoo BH117 (Hong Kong)

Daewoo BS106 (Vietnam)

Daewoo BS120CN (Korea)

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