Daewoo BS120CN


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The BS120CN was developed in 2002 and was first put into service in a specified district in Seoul in 2003. However, the super-low floor (non-step) bus is very expensive (A CNG bus of this type may cost USD$170,000) for a Korean bus operator. After the renumbering and change of bus routes on 1 July 2004, the transport authority in Seoul started to give a subsidy (maybe 60~70%) to service providers for operating super low floor buses (made by Daewoo, Hyundai or Iveco) for the disabled in the main line. So now all super low floor buses (including articulated buses) are painted in blue.

Information courtesy: Soojae Lee.

Chassis type: BS120CN
Length (mm): 11990
Width (mm): 2490
Height (mm): 3250
Wheelbase (mm): 6100
Front overhang (mm): 2600
Rear overhang (mm): 3110
Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 8800
Gross vehicle weight (kg): 9600
Engine type: GE12Ti CNG engine
Engine capacity (litres): 11.051
Power (kW @ rpm): 216
Torque (kgm @ rpm): 115
Tyre size: 10.00-20-16PR
Passenger capacity (bus): B21D+48
Passenger capacity (coach): C39F


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