Hino Motors Limited

In 1910, Tokyo Gas Industry Co Ltd was founded. In 1913, the company was renamed to Tokyo Gas and Electric Industry Co Ltd. In 1918, they started mass production of motor Vehicles. In 1937, The automobile division of Tokyo Gas and Electric Industry Co Ltd, Automobile Industry Co Ltd Kyodo Kokusan KK are consolidated into Tokyo Automobile industry Co Ltd. In 1941, it was renamed Diesel Motor Industry Co Ltd.

One year later, the Hino plant of the company was separated and became Hino Heavy Industry Co Ltd and they started to build track laying vehicles.

In 1946, the company was renamed Hino Industry Co Ltd and they started to build heavy-duaty trailer-trucks, buses and diesel engines. In 1947, they built the Type T trailer bus, which could accommodate 150 passengers. In 1948, the sales department separated and the company name was again changed to Hino Diesel Industry Co Ltd. In 1950, they built Japan's first trolley bus. In 1953, they put their first under floor engine bus with 5-speed constant mesh transmission and air brakes into market. They started to provide automatic transmission in coaches in mid-1950s and air suspension in 1958. In 1959, the company was renamed Hino Motors Limited. In 1966, they formed a close business alliance with Toyota. In 1977, they started to build integral buses.

Minibuses / Midibuses
Hino KC-RJ1 / RR1 Series (Japan)
Hino AC140KA (Macau, Singapore)

Hino Liesse RX4JFKA (Macau)
Hino Poncho ADG-HX6JLAE (Japan)
Hino Poncho VF32CP (Japan)

Full size buses
Hino BT51 (Malta)
Hino CM277 (New Zealand)
Hino CN275 (New Zealand)
Hino K-RE201P (Macau)
Hino KC-HU / HT Series (Japan, Macau)
Hino KK-HR1JKEE (Japan, Macau)
Hino PK-HR7JPAE (Japan, Macau)
Hino U-RH3F Series (Japan)
Hino U-RU3HJAA (Japan)
Hino HS3KRKA (Singapore)
Hino HS3KRKK (Singapore)
Hino HT228K (Singapore)
Hino RG230 (Australia)
Hino RK1J Series (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore)
Hino RK1MMKA (Hong Kong, Macau)
Hino RM2KSKA (Singapore)

Truck Chassis
Hino FD2JLK (Hong Kong)

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