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The Ikarus 435 was the successor of the Ikarus 280 articulated bus. It was developed in 1985.

Chassis type: 435
Length (mm): 17850
Width (mm): 2500
Height (mm): 2915
Wheelbase between 1st and 2nd axles (mm): 5570
Wheelbase between 2nd and 3rd axles (mm): 6110
Front overhang (mm): 2690
Rear overhang (mm): 3180
Turning radius (mm): 24000
Weight unladen (kg): 15000
Weight laden (kg): 28000
1st axle weight (kg): 6500
2nd axle weight (kg): 10000
3rd axle weight (kg): 11000
Engine options:
Rába D10 UTSLL 190 (190 kW)
DAF GS 200 (200 kW)
IVECO F2B (180-213 kW)
MAN D0826 LOH (191 kW)
MAN D2866
Mercedes OM-447
Cummins Rába G10 DE-190 (190 kW)
Gearbox options:
Voith 851.2 automatic
ZF 4/5 HP 500/600 automatic
ZF 4HP590
Tyre size: 275/80R 22.5
Maximum speed: 70km/h to 100km/h
Passenger capacity: B60D+110


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