Dennis Dominator Series

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The Dominator series was developed in the late 1970s as a new double-decker. It had been sold at home and overseas in large batches, although it is not as popular as Olympians.

Series of accidents shows that the Dominator is not very good to the driver. Since the driving position is very high, and the window gasket beside the driver is not very rigid, drivers were thrown out of the window in a considerable number of accidents, resulted in a number of deaths.

The variants are divided into the entries below:

For DDA602, please click "Condor".

For DD113A, DD140, DD154, DDA166, DDA175, DDA901, DDA1001, DDA1003, DDA1023, DDA1024, DDA1027, DDA2005, DDA2006, DDA2033, please click "Dominator".

For DDA1702, DDA1806, DDA1808, DDA1809, DDA1810, DDA1811, DDA1812, DDA1813, DDA1814, DDA1815, DDA1816, DDA1817, DDA1818, DDA1819, DDA1822, DDA1823, DDA1824, DDA2201, DDA2202, DDA2203, DDA2204, DDA2205, DDA2207, DDA2301, DDA2302, DDA2303, DDA2304, etc., please click "Dominator 6X2".

For DDA601, DDA603, DDA604, DDA605, DDA607, DDA1701, DDA1801, DDA1802, DDA1803, DDA1804, and DDA1805, please click "Dragon".

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