Leyland Fleetline FE33AGR Photographs (Page 2)

The photographs and text below belong to Anthony Lui. You may set the photographs as the wallpaper in your PC. However, you must seek Anthony Lui's permission and state the source before you place any of the pictures on the WWW or show it in public. Self-discipline is expected as I do not put my name in the pictures so as to retain its originality.

The three photographs on this page shows the last days of Leyland Fleetline LF264 (BU9524, 7800191).

This photograph was taken in early 1998 on Ma Tau Wai Road. It was serving cross harbour route 101. The Alexander CB5 body was rather scrapped. The soffit above the driver was wrecked and was fixed with stickers. When it was transferred to NWFB, the bus continued its cross-harbour duties. Sometimes, It was allocated to Route 109.

This bus was allocated to Island routes in early 1999. The picture was taken on 21 March 1999 at Wan Chai Ferry Pier Bus Terminus. It was a reserve vehicle of Route 18.

The life of LF264 ended when its license ended on 4 June 1999. This picture was taken at NWFB Siu Sai Wan Car Park two days later. It can be seen that it had been allocated to Island route 88 before its life ended. The one beside it (LF21, BG2294, 67894) was a Daimler CRG6LXB-33 rebuilt with Alexander body kit.

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