AEC Regent 5

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AEC Regent had been a longlived chassis. The Regent I was developed by Mr G.J. Rackham in early 1920s. Regents had been bought by London Passenger Transport Board until the introduction of Routemasters in late 1950s. However, many other operators, including domestic and overseas customers, had continued placing orders for Regent 5s until the company ceased the production of double-deckers in 1968.

The Regent introduced the famous preselective gearbox in the early 1930s. It was first used to let the bus drivers who were formerly tram drivers change gear easier than with ordinary gearboxes. This feature remained in later models of the Regent.

The introduction of KMB Regent 5s

Kowloon Motor Bus Co. had been a loyal customer of Daimler since the first CVG5 double-decker arrived Hong Kong in 1949. In early 1960s, KMB asked Daimler for a 34-foot model of CVG6 to meet the rapid growth of demand for bus services due to rapid population growth. Daimler refused to modify the CVG6 in this way at that time. However, AEC, a competitor of Daimler, modified the long Regal V chassis, which was originally a chassis for African single deck buses. In order to make the chassis capable of double deck operation, springs, axles, steering, wheels and some other components have been strengthened. KMB bought a total of 210 Regent 5s between 1962 and 1966. The first batch of 30 received British Aluminium Company bodies and the rest were bodied by Metal Sections. The rear door of the bus were either situated in front of the rear axle or near the tail of the vehicle, depending on where the staircase was situated. The last Regent 5s retired in 1988. A68 (AS4860) was then acquired by Shadow Mini Bus Pty Ltd in Kearsley, New South Wales. It was fitted with coach type seats and benches for private hiring purpose. However, the registration has expired and new buyer is being looked for. A165 (AD 7156) has been kept by John Shearman. It was sent to Oxford Bus Museum in its early years. It was later moved to Cardiff Vintage Vehicle Trust in Barry, Wales. A19 (AD 4807) has been preserved by KMB and participated in various functions and marketing events.

Chassis type: Regent 5 2D2RA
Chassis configuration: Front engine conventional drive line
Length: 10.440m
Width: 2.440m
Height: 4.470m
Weight unladen: 9246kg
Gross vehicle weight: 16257kg
Wheelbase: 6.550m
Body make: British Aluminium company/Metal Sections
Window type: sliding
Interior lighting: light bulbs
Destination equipment: mechanical
Engine: AEC AV 690
Engine position: Front vertical
Engine capacity: 11.3 litres
Engine power: 100.71kW
Passenger capacity (after 1982): H51/39D+24


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