Yixing SDL6120EVG


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The SDL6120EVG was a low floor electric bus. It was evaluated in Hong Kong in 2010. A special permit was issued with routes it could serve and carry passengers. 300 buses of this type have entered passenger service in Shandong province.

Information courtesy: Great Dragon International Corporation Ltd

Key features:
Water cooled driven motor
It operates at atmospheric temperature. Apart from reducing heat emission, it increases durability and efficiency of the transmission system.

Fuel economy
The power cost is 75 % lower than the diesel cost required by similar ordinary buses.
However, the cost for a 18 cell battery pack costs about HKD 50,000.

Battery management system
Overcharging and discharging is prevented, thus increasing battery life.

Regenerative braking system
It retards the vehicle speed and restores electric power of the battery simultaneously when the brakes is applied.

Computerised drive control system
It controls all electric systems of the bus.

Hill start aid
It keeps the bus stopping on the slope when driver releases his foot from the brake pedal and switch to accelerator.

Electric protection system
Circuit is disconnected by integrated circuit breaker in case of power surge or short circuit. Each system has its own fuse.

Global positioning system
It provides both real time positioning and navigational signals, which allows the bus company to know the location and  battery condition of each bus in the control centre.

Battery monitor
A screen is provided at the dash board showing battery conditions in detail. Once there is fault, a buzzer would sound and notify the driver to replace battery / attend to relevant problems. When there is low voltage, the interior lighting / air condition would be cut off and buzzer / screen alerts the driver to stop the bus and call for repair.

Charging station requirements
80A, 3 phase electricity

Length: 12000mm
Width: 2530mm
Height: 3250mm
Wheelbase: 6200mm
Front overhang: 2600mm
Rear overhang: 3200mm
Unladen weight: 12000kg
Gross vehicle weight: 18000kg
Maximum level acceleration: 7.2m/s2
Maximum degeneration braking: 8.0 m/s2
Maximum driving range with air conditioning on: 200km
Maximum driving range with air conditioning off: 300km
Motor type: MDPO/S120-4-SJ alternating current traction
Rated power: 120kW @ 4125rpm
Maximum power: 210kW @ 4450rpm
Rated torque: 774Nm@ 2250rpm
Maximum torque: 1582Nm @ 1306 rpm
Voltage: alternating current 360V
Rated current: 200A
Battery type: Lithium iron phosphate
Cell voltage:3.2V
Cell capacity: 200Ah
Total no. of cell: 360 cells in 20 packs
Battery weight: 2304kg
System voltage: 576V
Battery life: 400000-600000km
Total battery capacity: 400Ah
Total battery energy capacity: 240 kWh
Normal charging current: 80-110A
Charging time: 3.5-5 hours
Quick charging current: 400A
Charging time: 1-1.5 hours
Electrical insulation voltage: 3000V
Power consumption at 10km/h
Vehicle with air-con on: 0.8kWh/km
Vehicle with air-con off: 1.28kWh/km
Power consumption at 25km/h
Vehicle with air-con on: 0.67kWh/km
Vehicle with air-con off: 1.00kWh/km
Axle: Mercedes Benz
Suspension: Air
Passenger capacity: B42D+50


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