Yaxing YBL6120H


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The Yaxing YBL6120H was a license built Mercedes Benz OH 1836L. It was introduced around 2001 and sales of the vehicle was not good.

Length: 11980mm
Width: 2490mm
Height: 3720mm
Front axle weight: 6500kg
Rear axle weight: 11500kg
Gross vehicle weight: 18000kg
Luggage area volume: >9m3
Engine: Mercedes Benz OM447h Euro 2
Power: 265 kW @ 1900 rpm
Torque: 1650Nm @ 110-1500 rpm
Transmission: ZF S6-1550 / Mercedes Benz GO 210
Suspension: Air
Power steering: ZF
Fuel tank capacity: 430 litres
Maximum speed: 125km/h
Passenger capacity: C52D


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