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After Volvo moved the production line of Leyland Olympian to Irvine, Scotland in 1993, Citybus was the first operator obtained 12m long Olympians bearing the name "Volvo Olympian". Up till now, Citybus has bought 303 first hand Olympians and 6 second hand Olympians from Stagecoach. The first hand buses include single and dual-doored versions. They have 3+2 or 2+2 layouts, optional headrests parcel racks, curtains, etc. Bodywork ranged from Alexander Royale to Plaxton/Northern Countries Paladin. Those from Stagecoach have 3+2 seating and blue tinted glass.

Kowloon Motor Bus firstly acquired 50 Olympians of 3+2 layout in 1994. In later batches, about 300 buses of 2+2 layout have been bought. In late 1998, 10 seats in the lower deck of buses of 2+2 layout were removed, resulted in a change of passenger capacity from H57/42D+30 to H57/32D+48.

HACTL acquired 2 Plaxton bodied Olympians in 1998. They were withdrawn in 1999 and were sold to New World First Bus together with 4 Dragons of 3+2 layout. The Olympians were allocated VA65 and VA66. The Dragons were allocated DA93-96. They are about to enter service in the near future.

From 1994 to 1998, Singapore Bus Services purchased more than 600 12m Volvo Olympians. Only the Olympians in the 1994-95 vintage had emergency exits at the rear upper deck.


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