Volvo B8L

Photographs of 12m B8Ls are shown on the following sub-pages:
SBS Transit B8L / Wright Gemini 3 demonstrator (1 page)

Photographs of 13.4m B8Ls are shown on the following sub-pages:
Lothian Buses B8L / Enviro 400 XLB at Scottish Vintage Bus Museum (2 pages)
Lothian B8Ls in Alexander Dennis factory (1 page)
Lothian B8Ls (5 pages)

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The B8L is the successor of the B9TL tri-axle chassis. Unlike the B9TL, the B8L has its driving axle situated in the middle.

Photographs of Volvo B8L 12m

Photographs of Volvo B8L 13.4m

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