Volvo B7R

Photographs are sorted into the following sub-entries:
Westbus B7Rs
(1 page)

Visatur B7Rs
(1 page)

Bao Lu Hua B7Rs (1 page)
Dong Guan Express B7Rs (1 page)
Xiaolan Express B7Rs (1 page)

Hong Kong
CCT Hong Kong China Kong bodied B7Rs (1 page)
CITS Hong Kong B7Rs
(1 page)
HAS B7R (1 page)
Hing Yip B7Rs
(1 page)
Kwoon Chung B7Rs
(1 page)
Kwoon Chung B7RBAs
(1 page)
Lee Kwan B7Rs
(1 page)
Lucky Inbound B7Rs (1 page)
Sik Sik Yuen Asia bodied B7R (1 page)
Sincern Inernational B7Rs (1 page)
Sun Bus B7Rs
(1 page)
Tai Fung B7RBAs
(1 page)
Wah Tung B7Rs (1 page)
Volvo B7Rs of various operators (1 page)

Citybus Marcopolo bodied B7Rs (1 page)

MTrans bodied B7Rs (Malaysia)

Comfort Delgro B7Rs (1 page)
Luxury B7Rs (1 page)

Woodlands Transport B7Rs (1 page)
SKS bodied B7Rs (1 page)
B7Rs of miscellaneous operators (1 page)

South Africa
Unitrans B7Rs (1 page)

United Arab Emirates
Dubai Passenger Transport B7Rs
(1 page)

United Kingdom
Bakers Dolphin B7Rs (1 page)
Independent B7Rs (1 page)
Stagecoach B7Rs (1 page)

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The Volvo B7R is an economic chassis primarily for coaches. But it is sometimes also used as city buses with standard floor. This type can be seen in many parts of the world. In Hong Kong, they can be deluxe coaches, they can also be buses for residents and even school buses.


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