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In the first few years of franchised service of Citybus Limited, it suffered serious shortage in buses. They tried to acquire different types of buses, both first hand and second hand, from other operators and manufacturers. A good example is the Volvo B6 introduced in early 1995.

Originally, this bus was a demonstrator of Volvo in Hong Kong. Initially, Citybus planned to purchase tens of Dennis Darts to fulfill its single-decker fleet. But Dennis was very busy in producing Darts for other operators. Volvo also replied that they needed time to build similar buses. Eventually, this impatient company bought this demonstrator to become its first franchised single decker, registered as GJ155 and assigned fleet number 1301. It was the only Hong Kong bus receiving Alexander Dash bodywork.

Initially, it had been deployed to different routes. After some time, it was become a member of Southern Route 76. When I rode on this bus, I found that the suspension and the noise insulation was mediocre. On top of that, the Sutrak air-conditioning system was not strong enough even if there were only a few passengers on board.

This bus was sold to Stagecoach in Britain in 2000.

Type: Volvo B6-50
Length: 9937mm
Width: 2340mm
Height: 3010mm
Wheelbase: 5000mm
Weight unladen: 7850kg
Weight laden: 11800kg
Gross vehicle weight: 15300kg
1st axle weight: 4000kg
2nd axle weight: 8000kg
Body make: Alexander
Body type: Dash
Engine: Volvo TD63ES
Engine capacity: 6 liters
Engine power: 154kW at 2600rpm
Gearbox type: ZF5HP600
Passenger capacity: B39F+20
Total capacity: 59


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