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The Volvo B12 is a coach chassis available in 2-axle and 3-axle options. 

In 1996, Citybus purchased 5 3-axled Jonckheere bodied B12s. They served cross border routes with a unique livery and fleet nos. 2001-2005. However, these buses are of not much use in the territory after the operator stopped the service in 2001. These buses were then sold to Ritchies, a large operator in New Zealand. These buses are now fitted with 385/65 rear axles, named the "Skyliners" and deployed to intercity routes. Ex-Citybus 2002, 2003 and 2005 serve the North Island whereas 2001 and 2004 serve the South Island. Two buses on the North Island serve Auckland - Napier and the remaining one runs Auckland - Tauranga. The two buses on the South Island serve Christchurch - Te Anau.

Fleet no. information:
Citybus 2001 - Ritchies 530
Citybus 2002 - Ritchies 535
Citybus 2003 - Ritchies 540
Citybus 2004 - Ritchies 545
Citybus 2005 - Ritchies 550

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