Volvo B12-600

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In 1994, Volvo took over Drögmüller and the plant was used to manufacture Volvo B12-600. The B12-600 has the same outlook as the Drögmüller E330 in the past. This type of coach has been superseded by Volvo 9900.

Chassis type: Volvo B12-600
Length: 12000mm
Width: 2500mm
Height: 3630mm
Front overhang: 2800mm
Rear overhang: 3350mm
Wheelbase: 5850mm
Engine type: Volvo D12A 420 EC96
Engine: rear vertical longitudinal
Ignition: direct injection to electronic control
Diesel cycle: four valves in each cylinder supplemented with turbo compressor and intercooler
Engine power: 313kW @ 1100rpm
Torgue: 1852Nm @ 1100rpm
Engine capacity: 12.1 litres
No. of cylinders: 6 in line
Transmission: Volvo G8 EGS
No. of gears: 8 + 1 reverse
Suspension: air bellows with electronic control
Brakes in front: disc with ABS, ASR
Brakes at rear: drum with ABS, ASR
Tyre size: 295/80 R22.5
Passenger capacity: C51D


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