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City Shuttle Service Hispano bodied SB220LTs
SMRT Bus Alexander bodied SB220s (1 page)
Trans Island Bus Services Alexander bodied SB220LTs (2 pages)

United Kingdom
Arriva SB220s (1 page)
Beaver SB220s (1 page)
Blackpool Transport SB220s (1 page)
British Airways SB220s (1 page)
Eastborne Buses SB220s (1 page)
Go Northern SB220s (1 page)
Grand Prix Coaches SB220s
Green Line SB220s (1 page)
Lakeland SB220s (1 page)
London Central SB220s (1 page)
Stagecoach SB220s (1 page)
Walton's SB220s (1 page)

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In 1994, Trans Island Bus Services bought 50 of DAF SB220s. They received Hispano bodies. They can be seen on TIBS and CSS routes. in 1996, they purchased another batch of SB220s. But they are bodied by Alexander. Some of the TIBS / CSS or currently SMRT Bus SB220s have been sold to New Zealand. 

Specifications (Hispano bodied SB220s):
Chassis type: SB220 LT
Chassis configuration: rear engined semi-integral
Length (mm): 11880
Width (mm): 2407
Height (mm): 3050
Front overhang (mm): 2630
Rear overhang (mm): 3350
Engine type: DAF LT160
Engine position: rear horizontal
Number of cylinders: 6
Engine capacity: 11.63 litres
Bore (mm): 130
Stroke (mm): 146
Passenger capacity: B45D+27
Total capacity: 72


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