Uritsky ZiU 9B


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The ZiU 9B trolleybus is the successor of the ZiU 5 trolleybus. The city council of Budapest decided to import new trolleybuses after they decided to keep trolleybuses running in the city in 1974. Initally, local manufacturer Ikarus produced two prototypes and put in service. Although they performed well, they were not purchased in large batches in the beginning, as the competitor Uritsky in the Soviet Union had just developed a new model ZiU 9B, which is cheaper than Ikarus. The first batch comprising two buses entered service in the following October. Later, batches of ZiU 9B buses were imported until 1984. A total of 173 units were acquired by Budapest Transportation Company (BKV).

Owing to a decrease in demand for trolleybuses over the years, only solo trolleybuses were deployed on routes within the city centre. The remaining ZiU 9Bs were no exception.

Scrapping of the type started in 1984 and not more than 50 trolleybuses of this type are still seen in service in 2004. In order to extend the life and increase riding comfort of the buses, 11 ZiU 9Bs were refurbished and fitted with new electrical equipment.


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