Uritsky ZIU 682B

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The ZIU 682B was developed in the 1970s and its production line ceased in mid-1980s. Apart from Moscow and some other cities in the former USSR, Argentina, Finland (Helsinki), Hungary (Budapest), and some other Eastern European countries operated this type of bus. The picture above was taken on 22 July 1993 in Moscow. This Mosgortrans bus was passing the Manege in Manege Square in Central Moscow. There was a programme to replace over 1,000 of these overused buses with with new models from Trolza (Trollyibusni Zavod), but financial stringency curtailed it. There were about 30% delivered before the cash ran out. Special thanks to Mr Jaan Kiis and Dr Richard C DeArmond for identification of this bus, and Mr Tim Lewin for further information of the type.

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