Sunwin SWB6121SC


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The SWB6121SC was an electric city bus. It was equipped with a super capacitor. The bus recharges when the it observes a bus stop with overhead cable for charging. When compared with ordinary electric buses, it could have a lighter tare weight because of less batteries. It also had short charging time in depots because it would recharge at each bus stop. However, its endurance is as short as 5km which is far less than ordinary electric buses. Buses of this type were deployed to ferry passengers in Shanghai Expo 2010. One bus was on loan to Kowloon Motor Bus from late 2010 to early 2011to explore feasibility on the use of electric buses in Hong Kong.

Length: 11980mm
Width: 2550mm
Height: 3470mm
Front overhang: 2680mm
Rear overhang: 3360mm
Wheelbase: 5940mm
Tare weight: 13900kg
Gross vehicle weight: 18000kg
Motor: JD132A
Motor power: 100kW
Battery type: 395V 60Ah Lithium
Maximum speed: 50km/h
Passenger capacity: B35D+35+1WCH


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