SOR LH 10.5


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The LH 10.5 is a high deck tourist bus.

Type: LH 10.5
Length (mm): 10730
Width (mm): 2480
Overall height (mm): 3265
Wheelbase (mm): 5600
Front axle weight (kg): 6500
Rear axle weight (kg): 7800
Tare weight: 9000kg
Gross vehicle weight: 15000kg
Engine type: Iveco F4 AE 0682C Euro III
No. of cylinders: 6
Engine power: 176kW @ 2500 rpm
Torgue: 810 Nm @ 1250-2100 rpm
Transmission: ZF 6-speed synchromesh
Fuel consumption: 0.18-0.22 litre / km
Maximum speed: 100km/h
Tyre size: radial, tybeless, low-profile 285 / 70R 19.5 TL
Brakes: Pneumatic double-circuit disc brakes with asbestos-free lining, ABS, ASR
Passenger capacity: C45D


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