Oesterreichische Automobilfabrik ÖAF Gräf & Stift AG

Gräf & Stift was founded by three brothers in 1895 and used to build passenger cars. Starting from 1909, it entered the commercial vehicle industry by building trucks. During World War I, trucks were adopted by the Austrian Army. Buses entered production in 1930s. In 1960s, the bus production was increased and they built two underfloor engined 3-axled buses with Bussing design. In 1970 the company combined with Oesterreichische Automobilfabrik AG and became Osterreichische Automobilfabrik ÖAF Gräf und Stift AG. Starting from late 1970s, MAN acquired the company and they build buses with MAN design afterwards, although they have their own nomenclature system to their products.

ÖAF Gräf & Stift LU 200 M11

ÖAF Gräf & Stift NG 235 M18

ÖAF Gräf & Stift NL 202 M11

ÖAF Gräf & Stift NL 205 M12

ÖAF Gräf & Stift NL 243 M12

ÖAF Gräf & Stift NM 155 N9H

ÖAF Gräf & Stift ÜH 290 M12

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