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1561, the first Citybus NL262 in the second batch (3 pages)
1501 - the first Citybus NL262 (1 page)
1580 in practical school exhibition
(1 page)
Citybus MAN NL262s of the first batch (7 pages)
Citybus NL262s in the second batch (2 pages)

Discovery Bay Transport Services Limited NL262s
(2 pages)
New Lantao Bus NL 262s (1 page)

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The MAN NL262 was a low-floor single-deck city bus developed for continental service. In 1997, Citybus bought a batch of 60 NL262s and the first of the batch was registered HP 6440 and fleet number 1501. These buses had German configuration of large seats and spaces for standees and a wheelchair. This Super low floor bus, like the 24.350, does not kneel to the front, but to the nearside to 225mm above the road surface. The bus is of monocoque structure. In 2000, another 20 NL262s entered service. 1561, 1563 and 1564 entered service at the night of 22 March 2000. They have the same configuration as the previous batch. The other buses entered in the following days.

Discovery Bay Transport Services Limited also operates a number of NL262s. They serve a route linking Tung Chung New Town and Discovery Bay Resort Area via the Discovery Bay Tunnel, which was completed in summer 2000.

In 2004, a number of Citybus NL 262s were transferred to New Lantao Bus.

Additional information

Monocoque structure means integral structure. If builds from the roof to the floor. Then the axles, engines and other fittings are fitted in. AEC Routemaster and Mercedes Benz are other examples.

Specifications (Citybus NL262s):
Chassis: MAN NL262
Chassis configuration: Rear offset engine monocoque
Length (mm): 11800
Width (mm): 2500
Body make: MAN
Window type: fixed
Brakes type: Anti-lock Brake System
Interior lighting: Fluorescent
Destination equipment: Brose ZB100
Engine capacity: 11.967 litres
Engine type: Man D2866, LUH22
Engine position: rear offset
Number of cylinders: 5
Engine power: 191kW
Transmission type: Voith Diwa 851.3 automatic transmission with integrated retarder
Air-conditioner: Surtrek AC355
Passenger Capacity: B31D+1WCH+38


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