Likinsky 677M

The photographs and text below belong to Anthony Lui. You may set it as the wallpaper in your PC. However, you must seek Anthony Lui's permission and state the source before you place any of the pictures on the WWW or show it in public. Self-discipline is expected as I do not put my name in the pictures so as to retain its originality.

The picture of LiAZ 677M above was taken on 22 July 1993 in Moscow. Special thanks to Mr Jaan Kiis for identification of this bus.

Chassis type: 677M
Chassis configuration: front engine conventional driveline
Length (mm): 10450
Width (mm): 2500
Height (mm): 3005
Wheelbase (mm): 5150
Weight unladen (kg): 8380
Weight laden (kg): 10450
Engine type: AIL-315JA7 petrol
Cylinders: V8
Capacity (litres): 6.959
Engine power (kW): 132.4
Torque (Nm): 645.5
Gearbox: 2-speed automatic
Maximum speed (km/h): 70
Passenger capacity: B25D+55 (Maximum: B25D+60)
Total Capacity: 110

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