Karosa B932E

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Dopravni podnik Hlavni mesta Prahy a.s. Karosa B932Es

Dopravni podnik Karlovy Vary a.s. Karosa B932Es

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The B932E city bus is the successor of the B732 city bus. They are widely used in Czech Republic.

Specification (standard):
Type: Karosa B932E
Length (mm): 11345
Width (mm): 2500
Height (mm): 3165
Engine type: Renault MIHR 062045 A41 (Euro 2) or LIAZ ML 636 E (Euro 2)
Engine power: 188 kW @ 2 100 rpm, LIAZ - 175 kW @ 2000 rpm
Torque: 1000 Nm @ 1 200 rpm, LIAZ - 1 050 Nm @ 1 400 rpm
Engine capacity (l): Renault - 9.84 litres, LIAZ - 11.94 litres
Transmission: Praga 5P 115 6-speed synchronized manual gearbox
Passenger capacity: B31D+63
Total capacity: 94


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