Huanghai Bus

The history of Huanghai started in 1951 when a vehicle repair works of People's Voluntary Army was established in Dandong. In 1965, the factory was changed to Dandong Vehicle Modification Works.

In 1981, the factory started to build buses under the brand name "Huanghai". In 1983, the factory was renamed Dandong Vehicle Production Works.

In 1999, the factory was changed to a limited company and it was taken over by SG Automotive Group in 2002.

In 2009, factory in Changzhou was established.

6m Class
Huanghai DD6640K (Hong Kong)

7m Class
Huanghai DD6790K (Hong Kong)

8m Class
Huanghai DD6892S01 (China)

10m Class
Huanghai DD6103HS (China)
Huanghai DD6108K01 (Hong Kong)
Huanghai DD6109K63 (Hong Kong)
Huanghai DD6109S01 (Macau)

11m Class
Huanghai DD6112K20 (China)
Huanghai DD6113K03 (China)
Huanghai DD6118S11 (China)
Huanghai DD6119K63 (Hong Kong)

12m Class
Huanghai DD6129S05 (China)
Huanghai DD6129S06 (China)
Huanghai DD6129S11 (China)

14m Class
Huanghai DD6140S01 (China)

16m Class
Huanghai DD6160S03 (China)

18m Class
Huanghai DD6180S01 (China)
Huanghai DD6181S02 (China)
Huanghai DD6181S05 (China)

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