In 1881, Edwin Richard Foden built his first traction engine in Sandbach. In 1898, he built his first steel-tyred steam powered truck. After 1913, he invented rubber tyres and Gardner oil engines to his trucks. In 1930, when he was 60, he was forced to retire from the company he worked for - Foden. Then he started another business - ER Foden and Son Diesel in 1933 and built diesel trucks. In 1935, the company changed its name to ERF to differentiate from Foden, another truck manufacturer. In 1996, the company was taken over by Western Star, a Canadian company. In March 2000, it became a part of MAN Group. In South Africa, ERF owns a plant which builds buses and trucks. It has gained a large market share among economic bus chassis in South Africa.

ERF Cambrian (South Africa)

ERF E6.18 Islander (Malta, South Africa)

ERF Hawk (South Africa)

ERF E10 Trailblazer (Malta, South Africa)

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