Drögmüller is a very small bus manufacturer. In the beginning, they built coach bodies on Mercedes-Benz O 302 and O 303 chassis. Production of their own chassis started in 1965 with Mercedes Benz engines. Most of the buses were built for German and Swiss operators and some others were exported to Austria and France. The product range in 1980s comprised the E280 Superpullman, E310 Superpullman, E320 Europullman, E330 Comet, E420 Corsair, E430 Supercomet and E440 Meteor. Throughout the production period, the production rate of their Heilbronn plant was less than 100 per year. Best-selling models included the E310, the E320 and the E330. In 1994, Volvo took over the firm and no more Drögmüller complete buses had been built since then. The plant was used to manufacture Volvo B12-600 and now Volvo 9900. The Comet and the Supercomet were featured with sloping window line and floor. The Corsair is a super high decker with underfloor cockpit and the Meteor is a double decker. Now, Drögmüller buses in service have become very rare, even in European countries.

Drögmüller E330 Comet

Drögmüller E430 Supercomet

Drögmüller E440 Meteor

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