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The history of the type can be dated back to December 1998 when 3 buses of this type entered city centre shuttle service in Christchurch. The bus is powered by a microturbine installed at the back of the bus.

The operator, Red Bus, was amazed by the superb performance and reliability of the bus. In the first 200,000 miles of service, only minor problems like failed ignitor / exciter were found related to the Capstone microturbine. The fourth bus entered service in 2003.

Stagecoach Auckland introduced another three buses for city circuit service in the city centre of Auckland.

A MicroTurbine is a compact turbine generator that delivers electricity close to the point where it is needed. Operating on a variety of gaseous and liquid fuels, this form of distributed generation technology made its commercial debut in 1998.

Like a jet engine, the Capstone MicroTurbine mixes fuel with air to create combustion. This combustion turns a magnet generator, compressor and turbine wheels on a revolutionary single shaft, air bearing design at high speed with no need for additional lubricants, oils or coolants. The result is a highly efficient, reliable, clean combustion generator with very low NOx emissions that, unlike diesel generators, can operate around the clock without restrictions. And, unlike combined cycle gas turbines, these power systems use no water.

In 2002, Park Island, a new Hong Kong private housing estate situated on Ma Wan Island, purchased 3 buses of this type. The three buses entered service in 2003.

Great Britain is another export market for the Olymbus. A test unit was sent in late 2003.

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