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In 2003, Ritchies Coachlines purchased 10 chassis designed by Designline. They were built under Designtech, a subsidiary of Designline. The type of bus is called Macrotech. The chassis and the B43D+17 integral bodies are derived from the MAN A80 chassis (12.223HOCL / 17.223 HOCL). The bus is fitted with Detroit Diesel Series 40 engine and Allison automatic transmission, which is rather rare among New Zealand buses built in recent years.

Ritchies coachlines Macrotech Fleet List
646 BLD758
647 BLD759
648 BLD760
649 BLU763
650 BLW994
651 BMZ524
652 BMZ529
653 BMZ530
654 BMZ533
655 BMZ534


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