Dennis Jubilant Fleet List

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Kowloon Motor Bus Jubilants
Interior details of a Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Jubilant
Kowloon Motor Bus Jubilant Training Bus CR6710
Kowloon Motor Bus Jubilant Training Bus CR4170

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The Jubilant was a type specially designed for Kowloon Motor Bus, as the operator required a new front-engined bus in the mid-1970s. The chassis was called Jubilant because the project was launched in the Jubilee year 1975.

In the beginning, 4 buses receiving homemade bodies (H60/42D+14) entered service in late 1977 and early 1978. They design was named DD201 and KMB fleet numbers N1-N4. Each bus was equipped with Gardner 6LXB engine, Voith DIWA 851 fully automatic transmission and power steering.

Since they performed satisfactorily, the operator purchased another 210 buses of the same type afterwards, but they received Alexander bodies (H60/42D+18). Apart from these 210 buses, there was an Alexander-bodied air-conditioned coach for the company and registered CF4180 (CH43/32D). It served Route 206, linking Mei Foo and Tsim Sha Tsui (Peking Road). However, the air-conditioning unit had mediocre performance. The bus was later converted to a non-airconditioned bus and received a fleet number N364.

Duple-Metsec bodywork was specified for another 150 Jubilant chassis purchased in 1982. In the beginning, they had the same numbers of seats as their Alexander-bodied counterparts (H60/42D+16). Because of the shorter length of the DM body, it had become very uncomfortable. The seating had been changed to H53/35D+16 circa 1984.

Circa 1980, China Motor Bus also ordered a total of 30 Alexander-bodied buses.

These buses were reliable, but like Victory 2s and Volvo Alisas, they were very noisy and were proved to be harmful to driver's ears in 1997.


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