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The photographs and text below belong to Anthony Lui. You may set it as the wallpaper in your PC. However, you must seek Anthony Lui's permission and state the source before you place any of the pictures on the WWW or show it in public. Self-discipline is expected as I do not put my name in the pictures so as to retain its originality.

Glasgow Corporation TBS13 (FYS988) was preserved by Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust. The photographs above were taken on 24 May 2006. Photo courtesy: Wilson Lui.

After many years of storage, TBS13 was displayed in Riverside Museum. The photographs above were taken on 4 June 2017. The Riverside museum wrote a general account of the trolleybus service in Glasgow.

The photograph above was taken in the museum depot of Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust on 4 June 2017. Unlike the Riverside Museum, GVVT had more details of the trolleybus service. Glasgow was one of the last cities in the UK to introduce the trolleybus. The service started in 1949 and it had been unsuccessful and the service eventually ceased in 1967. Trolleybuses had never been introduced to the city centre. TBS13 was the only Glasgow single deck trolleybus preserved.

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