Anthony Lui and Bus

I have developed a liking of buses since I was very young. The photograph above was taken in summer 1981. At that time, I was only two. If you take a close look at the picture, you would find the Victory 2 was serving Route 6, one of the very first routes of KMB.

I have been noticing the manufacturers and types of buses since I was a toddler. Before the introduction of 12-metre Leyland Olympians, Kowloon Route No.5 was operated with Daimler Fleetlines. I was impressed by the small badge "Daimler" underneath the windscreen. Then I came across Olympian, Dragon, Dominator, Jubliant, etc.

In early 1990s, I noticed that the numbers of some types of buses are decreasing in Hong Kong. To preserve the image, I tried to take photographs of the old buses. However, I did not take many pictures.

Although I have missed these old models, I tried to take photographs of existing buses. On Anthony's Bus Homepage, you can get useful pieces of information and valuable photographs. Hoping that you will like it. Indeed, I take bus photos because of this page.

This has become history. Citybus CZ4529 (D4) is not serving Hong Kong people anymore. The free express route between Edinburgh place and Peak Tram Station is also eaten by the millennium bug.

The coaches behind me were Albion Clydesdale CD23s. These air-conditioned coaches linked between Hong Kong and China. They had extremely good suspension to serve on roads in mediocre condition.

I first thought fleetlines would be faded out before 2000, but the fact is just the opposite. This picture was taken inside ex-CMB SF30 on 9 June 1999.

I first saw this person in a KMB publication called "KMB 50th Anniversary". This Mr Sum Poon was a depot driver of Kwun Tong Depot when he drove Jubilants in 1983. He was wearing an older type KMB winter uniform on 20 November 1999.

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Last updated: 6 August 2000