BMC, one of the biggest commercial vehicle producers in Turkey, was established in 1964 in Izmir. In its early years, it co-operated with British Motor Corporation, a group which was later incorporated in British Leyland Motors Corporation. Austin and Morris vehicles were manufactured under license in BMC facilities. Beginning in 1966, BMC started to build trucks, tractors and engines.

In 1989, the company was acquired by Çukurova Holding. In 1993, they started to build their own Belde buses. Later, Probus series were also built.

BMC is the only Turkish automotive corporation that is carrying out its own product design, development and engineering studies without relying upon any foreign companies.

BMC Belde (Turkey)

BMC Falcon 1100 LF (Malta)

BMC Levend (Turkey)

BMC Megastar 360MH (Turkey)

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