Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXB-30 Photographs

The photographs and text below belong to Anthony Lui. You may set the photographs as the wallpaper in your PC. However, you must seek Anthony Lui's permission and state the source before you place any of the pictures on the WWW or show it in public. Self-discipline is expected as I do not put my name in the pictures so as to retain its originality.

Note: Since most of the photographs are very old, some of them are blur. But I have put the utmost effort to show you the details.

These two ex-London Transport Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXB-30s were photographed on Des Voeux Road, Central, on 5 April 1993. The windscreen on the upper deck of the green one (XF44) was changed to sliding windows, where that of the one behind was retained. It can clearly be seen that the window frames of the London Transport Fleetline were inverted and the larger pieces of glass were changed to sliding windows. The windows of the one behind it were changed to sliding windows. On the other hand, the fixed windscereens were changed to suit the climate of hot areas.

This Route 21 bus shows the destination of ex-London Transport Fleetlines. China Motor Bus had some changes to the destination display. It was photographed on the same day at about the same location as above.

This Fleetline belonged to Argos, a non-franchised bus company in Hong Kong. The whole front end was preserved as the outlook of the vehicles of London Transport. The livery was an advertisement of Westland Gardens in Quarry Bay. This picture was taken in mid-1980s outside the Star ferry Pier, Central. If you know something more about this fleet no. 22 Fleetline, or the Argos' Fleet of Fleetlines, please email me immediately.

This vehicle does not seem to give you the idea whether it is a Fleetline or not. If you look carefully at the steering wheel, you will find that it must be a fleetline. This photograph was taken in 1987. Note that the seats were changed to plastic so as to resist rain and the attractive livery of Television Broadcast Corporation of Hong Kong.

This vehicle (CZ4529) was an early member of Citybus of Hong Kong. It had not been franchised yet at the time the picture was taken. This ex-London Transport Fleetline was converted to an open top single-doored bus. It operated the shuttle bus service between Edinburgh Place and the Peak Tram Station, which is located at St John's Building, Garden Road. This photo was shot in summer 1985.

This picture was adopted from a brochure, showing the buses in the mid-80s in Shatin City One.
From Left to right:
KMB 2D type, S3M99 (DR9789) (82X), S3BL80 (DL8645) (82M), Citybus DMS (62R)

Argos 74 (Photo courtesy: Simon Chow)

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