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Kowloon Motor Bus Mobile Museum

In order to do better in public relations work, KMB has started a mobile museum. It occasionally deploy a Centroliner and a Daimler CVG5 (D26, 4961, the oldest member of the existing KMB fleet). The first time of this function was held on 20 November 1999 at KCR Kowloon Station Bus Terminus. AP20 (JE284, WAG340264XSP27181) and D26 were deployed. Show boards and model buses were exhibited in the two buses. On the other hand, ex-depot driver Poon Sum and a younger driver wore old (pre-1992 style) winter uniforms and let people take pictures with them.

This picture shows the grille and suspension of 4961. The socket for starting engine is only ornamental. The driver can start the Gardner engine in the driving area because the grille was remounted in early 1980s, although it originally looked like this. The grille was changed to Birmingham type in 1960s.

The two pictures above show the half-opened and fully-opened vent for the driver's compartment.

This picture was taken when I protruded the lens into the vent. Can you do it?

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