Daimler CVG5 Photographs

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Kowloon Motor Bus Daimler CVG5s

The Daimler CVG5 was the first type of double-deckers in Hong Kong. 4961 (16309), as shown in the picture, was one of the first four double-deckers in Hong Kong. Note the sliding windows at the upper deck. This type of windows had been replaced by the normal sliding windows in mid-1950s due to its difficulty in maintenance. This picture was taken at Star Ferry Terminus in 1950. The building in front was Tsim Sha Tsui Railway Station, which was demolished in 1975 and the one behind is the clock tower of the station, which has been preserved and become a landmark of Hong Kong. Photo courtesy: Paul Chung.

The lower picture is enlarged from the upper picture. Here showed 4962 (16299) at another view of the Star Ferry Terminus in 1950. 4962 was withdrawn in 1970. It could not survive until the allocation of fleet numbers by the operator. Photo courtesy: Paul Chung.

4961 (D26, 16309) has been preserved by Kowloon Motor Bus since 1983. The picture was taken in KMB Shatin Depot in early 1990s.

This photograph shows the wooden seats made to hot climate in Hong Kong. It was taken on the same day as the above picture.

This picture was taken on 10 April 1993 at Victoria park, showing the staircases of 4961.

This is another CVG5 (D11, 4212, 18590). It has mechanical doors. Like 4961, it had been an ex-KMB training bus. It was preserved by Speedybus, a local company selling retired buses to other countries. The photograph was taken on 10 April 1993. The bus has now been bought by New World First Bus and the company would like to refurbish it to an exhibit in the proposed bus museum.

4961 was exhibited in an exhibition.

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