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This model has two variants - hybrid electric bus and electric bus. Please find below the description of the model extracted from The site was not functional at the time of writing.

This medium-duty, low-floor shuttle bus is designed for all shuttle type services where top speed requirements are less than 45 mph and the average route speed is less than 18mph. The vehicle will accommodate up to 20-seated passengers, 11 standees and has one wheel chair location. Using maintenance-free sealed lead acid batteries and the Capstone MicroTurbine™; the vehicle has ranges in excess of 250 miles and will operate on CNG, standard or bio-diesel, LNG, or LPG.

The AVS22 Hybrid-Electric is capable of +11% gradeability and can easily accommodate more aggressive type shuttle operations. The bus is ultra-low emission during hybrid operation and zero emission when operating in pure electric mode.

This product is designed for downtown type shuttle services where top speeds do not exceed 40 mph and the average route speeds are between 8-15 mph. The AVS22 Electric will accommodate up to 20-seated passengers, 11 standees and has one wheelchair location. Under normal temperatures, using sealed lead acid batteries and/or super capacitor technology, this vehicle is capable of 65+ miles of range on a single charge with air conditioning.

Although the vehicle is capable of +11% gradeability, it is most suited to flat, downtown shuttle operations. The bus may be equipped with an all-electric, climate control system. The AVS22 Electric is a zero emission vehicle.

AVS standard equipment includes: all electric climate control system; superior maintenance accessibility; independent front suspension; advanced sealed gel lead acid batteries; on board batter equalization and thermal management system; on board charging system; AVD high efficiency direct drive propulsion system; low maintenance, air cooled, Solectria drive motors; low maintenance, high efficiency AC electric drive motors for air compressor and power steering systems; extra wide aisles and advanced wheelchair restraint systems; and built in manual wheel chair ramp.

AVS optional equipment includes: electric Lift-U Wheel Chair Ramp; twin vision or luminator destination signs (front, side and rear); 96ˇ¨ or 102ˇ¨ widths; extreme weather package; vinyl graphics package; video surveillance boxes; ˇ§Take Oneˇ¨ boxes and Ad racks; seating and fabric type; and floor rubber.

General specifications:
Overall length 22 Feet (6.7 m)
Overall height 102 Inches (259 cm)
Overall width (standard) 96 or 102 Inches (259 cm)
Seating capacity up to 22 seated passengers
Door opening 36 Inches (91 cm)
Wheelchair capacity One position
Interior width 93 or 99 Inches (251 cm)
Interior aisle width 35 or 41 Inches (103 cm)
Interior headroom 75 Inches (190 cm)
Entry Step Up Height (street) 15 Inches (38 cm)
Minimum floor height 21 Inches (53 cm)*
Kneeling differential 4 Inches (10 cm)
Wheelbase 147 Inches (373 cm)
Turning Radius ˇV wall 32 Feet (975 cm)
Ground clearance frame 11 inches (28 cm)*
Ground clearance front axel 7.25 Inches (18 cm)*
Ground clearance rear axel 7.2 Inches (18 cm) *
Overhang front 67 Inches (170 cm)
Approach Angle 13.0 Degrees
Overhang rear 45 Inches (114 cm)
Departure angle 18 Degrees
Breakover angle 9.2 Degrees
Nominal curb weight 19,050 Pounds (8,659 kg)*
GAVWR 27,000 Pounds (12,272 kg)
*at normal ride height


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